BMH BRÄUTIGAM advises Audience Serv on acquisition of Karma Response

BMH BRÄUTIGAM advised the international marketing specialist Audience Serv on the acquisition of Karma Response.

The enterprise, which was founded by David Pikart in 2008, has more than 50 employees in different locations in Europe and Asia and in addition to being successfully active in all relevant areas of online marketing, works on the perfect method for target groups segmenting by using machine learnings and artificial intelligence. The e-mail marketing specialist Karma Response, who is also internationally active, was founded in 2017 by Daniele Sampaolesi and Carlo Biondo Amat. The young enterprise which is located in Barcelona has developed its own innovative approach to the execution of automated campaigns. By taking over Karma Response, Audience Serv manages to further strengthen its strong position on the European market as well as to round off the portfolio of the group. Background: BMH BRÄUTIGAM is pleased to further develop its client relationship with Audience Serv as they have been advising the group on all legal matters since 2017. Team BMH BRÄUTIGAM: Bastian Reinschmidt (Lead), Dr. Annette Schwab, Alexander Sustal (all Venture Capital)