BMH BRÄUTIGAM advises capiton AG on sale of nora systems GmbH

BMH BRÄUTIGAM has advised the longstanding client capiton AG on the sale of its majority shareholding on nora systems GmbH to Intermediate Capital Group plc. (ICG).

nora systems is the global market leader for high-quality rubber floor coverings. The company employs more than 1,000 people and turns over in excess of 220 million euros, more than 75 % of it outside Germany. nora systems is active not only in USA and Germany as the core markets, but also focusses on doing its business in China and the middle east as growth markets. Originally belonging to Freudenberg Group, capiton purchased the company and its management in September 2007 and already sold some minority shares to ICG within the scope of a recapitalisation in 2014. The transaction is subject to standard market conditions yet. BMH BRÄUTIGAM not only represented capiton in purchasing and recapitalising nora systems, but also has advised nora systems in company law, finance and litigation matters since 2007. Most recently, BMH BRÄUTIGAM advised capiton in purchasing the Trioptics GmbH, selling its shareholding on the RTS group and the Fruitwork Group and recapitalising the Prefere Resins Holdings (also with the participation of ICG). Furthermore, BMH BRÄUTIGAM acted as notary public in purchasing the laser applications of LAP GmbH and the Hamm Reno Group. Overall, BMH BRÄUTIGAM has been involved in seven of eight capiton transactions in the past 18 months.