BMH BRÄUTIGAM advises capiton AG on the Refinancing of nora systems GmbH

BMH BRÄUTIGAM has advised its long standing client capiton AG on the refinancing of its majority shareholding in nora systems GmbH by Intermediate Capital Group plc (ICG).

nora systems, the world leader in rubber-based resilient floor coverings has grown continuously over the last years and with now 1.100 employees it generates a turnover of more than EUR 200 m., more than 75 % thereof outside Germany. Besides the core markets USA and Germany, growth markets in China, Russia, Middle East and Latin America have come into focus. The new shareholders of the company – capiton, ICG and the management team which has increased its shareholding in the course of the refinancing – will jointly accelerate the growth of turnover and profits of the company via additional organic growth and selected add-on acquisitions. The transaction is, inter alia, subject to the approval by the relevant cartel authorities.