BMH Bräutigam in the latest JUVE Handbook

The JUVE writes about BMH Bräutigam in the current handbook 2017/2018

The Berlin-based law firm BMH BRÄUTIGAM can rely on established client relationships with private equity firms such as Capiton. Also real estate transactions for the SIGNA group provide stable business. Following the withdrawl of the labor law team last year, BMH BRÄUTIGAM now focuses entirely on transactions, covering the spectrum from M & A through private equity to venture capital advice. In part, this results in links to the contested company law when it comes to shareholder disputes in start-ups. In addition, BMH BRÄUTIGAM has a 4-headed notary's office, which is active in both corporate and real estate law and is perceived by competitors as "extremely strong". Transactions are in the foreground of the Berlin office, which is why the team often comes to M & A mandates in the ongoing corporate law advice. In the contested company law, there are increasingly intersections of accepted practice in private equity, which is well networked in the capital's start-up scene. BMH BRÄUTIGAM now also advises on shareholder disputes. BMH BRÄUTIGAM is especially recommended in the areas of Private Equity, Venture Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions and Notary. Frequently recommended: Dr Johannes Meinel (corporate and real estate law, notary), Dr Benedikt Bräutigam (litigation, notary), Jan-Peter Heyer (private equity transactions and contract law, notary public), Dr Patrick Auerbach-Hohl ("extremely well networked in the start-up scene", client; venture capital, notary), Dr Andrea Reichert-Clauß ("effective, pragmatic, experienced", competitor; private equity transactions)